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cerec crowns

Damaged teeth?
Royals to the rescue!

Smile maintenance is a key factor in securing the structure of your smile for the long run. Unfortunately, over time, teeth can become unhappy and break down, requiring repairs.

When this happens, it's time for damage control.

If you're ready to give a sad tooth the treatment it deserves, Cerec Crowns should be top of your list.

You deserve a CROWN

A crown is a fancy cover that slips over your original tooth. It offers an aesthetic and natural look to renew your tooth’s original shape and size.

The old-school approach to the crown process is outdated.

  • No more long waits for the lab to fabricate your tooth
  • No more gunk in your mouth with our digital workflow
  • Misfits and redos are history
  • Meet "Cerec" our futuristic one-day milling machine
Cerec Problem

You'll love our Efficient same day process

We’ve ditched the messy old gunky material that you usually have to chomp down on. Instead, we use a state-of-the-art digital 3D milling machine to get a picture-perfect snapshot of the tooth in question.

You’ll be able to watch, right before your eyes, as the machine works its magic, and creates your brand new custom crown (and it’ll even play the star-spangled banner for you!)

Is your smile ready for the Royal Treatment?

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