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Need a tooth fairy?

Tooth loss as an adult can be a big blow to your confidence.

Buy it doesn't have to stay that way!

We've got the solution.

Our magic touch is here to save the day!

We might not be able to grow you a new tooth, but we can do the next best thing: replace your missing tooth with a stunning implant!

Luckily, we’re experts at building back what’s lost so that your smile will feel just like new.

We’ll rebuild your new tooth from the ground up.

Implant Solution

Our quick implant solution

will complete your smile
in no time.

The process starts by inserting a tiny pin (kind of like how a new building needs a solid foundation) where your new tooth will go. 

After your pin has spent a bit of time settling into its new home (we call this “fusing”), a little connector is slipped in. Then we add your good-as-new, natural-looking crown to complete the process!

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