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the oral microbiome


The oral microbiome is a true balancing act!

You may not know it but your mouth houses thousands of micro-organisms, known as the oral microbiome. The most up to date research is clear! Keeping your oral microbiome in balance is very important and can help you to ward off problems like gum disease, dental decay and nasty bad breath.

It is hard to imagine but there are a huge assortment of good and bad bacteria cohabitating together in all of us. Certain types of unfavorable bacteria when left to run wild in your mouth can actually make you feel awful and affect your smile and your health in major ways.

It is important to have your mouth evaluated by a professional to understand what your specific oral microbiome community is made up of.

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oral microbiome


With just a few drops of saliva at the start of your hygiene visit, we can be prepared to learn a lot about the health of the inside of your mouth and how it can relate to your overall health.

As a part of our proprietary 360 Degree Smile Analysis ™ during your routine hygiene visit, we evaluate and gather information related to your oral microbiome.

This information is very helpful in not only guiding you towards better oral health but also in personalizing your Shine Routine for proper home care.

We can figure out ways to get you balanced and in better shape.

Who knew just a few drops of spit could be so important?
The insights can lead to:
  • Improved gum health
  • Cavity and tooth loss prevention
  • Decreased illness and disease


With a few drops of saliva and modern science we can now figure out exactly what good or bad bugs are present in your mouth.
The benefits are endless. With these results we can tackle most problems that cause havoc not only on your gums and teeth but on the rest of your body.

This allows us to customize your Shine Routine and when combined with professional hygiene visits, this specific care can make all the difference in the world when it comes to keeping your smile on track.

Bristle The oral health test

Comprehensive Salivary Oral Microbiome Testing as a part of your hygiene visit.

Bristle The oral health test
oral microbiome

Improve your oral and overall health with oral microbiome testing at your dental hygiene visit.

Bristle is the first comprehensive oral microbiome test to identify all bacterial species in your saliva and how they impact your oral & overall health.
  • Measure all 100+ unique bacterial species and fungi in your saliva, both beneficial and harmful.
  • Understand how your microbes impact health conditions like cavities, gum disease, bad breath, gut inflammation, and more.
  • You can improve with a prevention-focused diet, hygiene, and oral care ingredient & product recommendations based on your test results.
  • Monitor progress over time and track how your changes impact your health with follow-up testing.

What is the oral microbiome?

The oral microbiome is the collection of bacteria, fungi, and viruses living in one’s mouth. On average, an individual has 75+ unique species of beneficial and harmful oral bacteria. Oral infections like cavities and gum disease are caused by high levels of pathogenic oral bacteria.
oral microbiome

How does it affect your overall health?

Research has found associations between the oral microbiome and conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, adverse pregnancy outcomes, gut disorders, and other chronic conditions.

Who is this for?

You should consider testing if you have experienced any conditions like:
  • Bad Breath
  • Headaches
  • Gum Inflammation
  • Cavities
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiac health issues such as high cholesterol
  • Kidney Disease
  • Gut Issues
  • Sleep issues
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune Disorder

Are you ready to meet your oral microbiome?

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