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If you're cavity-prone, don't feel guilty. It may not be your fault.

Cavities are one of the most common dental issues and, if left untreated, can lead to major problems down the road.

Several factors play a role in the occurrence of cavities, such as your brushing habits, flossing consistency, mouth acidity, and sometimes even the shape of your teeth.

The sooner, the better is the best policy for treating cavities.

So, if you suspect you've got a cavity then look no further!

No more ugly
silver fillings

At Best Natural Smile, we create artistic and perfectly matched tooth-colored fillings either by hand or with our fancy (and long lasting) advanced digital technology to renew and repair smaller areas of breakdown or irregularities.

The choice is up to you! 

Not only are old-school silver fillings ugly, they also release toxins into your bloodstream (it’s not a pretty picture). Plus, they can discolor and cause unnecessary damage to the tooth.

We use the best of the best materials to create a beautiful translucent fill that’s completely free from the toxins.

Plus, we recommend regular checkups to catch small, easy fixes before they get worse.

ugly silver fillings image
Safe Fillings

Natural-looking, safe and easy fillings do exist!

We start by gently removing any irregularities or unhealthy surfaces on the tooth. 

We clean and sanitize the area and then treat and seal your tooth with our artistic tooth-colored material. 

The tooth and cosmetic filler are gently bonded with our magic wand, and the filling sets within seconds, ensuring it will be durable. 

Our fillings are made to last!  

We’ll also repair any discoloration that you may have if you need a little extra love.

We’ll give it a lovely polish and then you’re good to go! You’ll be looking better than ever.

Finally, we’ll support you with a plan to safeguard from future cavities.

No more nasty chemicals or ugly fillings.

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